Friday, May 08, 2009

I wanted to share some pictures from my office.
I work in the middle of the country and it is so pretty out here!
Also, there is always exciting stuff going on!

I get to watch/listen to the sprinkler almost everyday...
There's nothing like a sprinkler and green grass to make you
feel like a kid again and daydream about playing in the water!
These are the 3 new horses to the Children's Home.
Heather and I took a quick trip out to the stables with Jake one day to check them out.
Heather is very much a city girl so it is fun to see her around horses.
We had a little friend on our porch today!
This racoon was either sick or trying to find a place to die.
It kept walking around really lethargic. We stayed away! lol
I took this a month or so ago when we got a HEAVY downpour!
It was so nice to stand on the porch and watch the rain.
In West Texas, the wind blows so much when it storms that you get pelted if you step outside!

Have a blessed day!!


Mish said...

Wow! It is so beautiful out there! Hey, I got a job! So maybe I can visit soon!! :-)

The Sages said...

So good to hear from you!! Hopefully we'll make it back down to Beeville soon! : )