Friday, October 24, 2008

I wanted to keep my posts in chronilogical order but I haven't had a chance to post a few and want to give everyone an update!

We aren't homeowners yet but we get to start living in our house today!! The loan is taking longer to get approved due to it being an USDA loan. The USDA requires a lot more info and hasn't approved the loan yet but the bank once it is approved, we're set to go!! We are so thankful that we can start living there today! Our stuff was moved into the house last week and we've been staying in a travel trailor (not as bad as it sounds) but I start work Monday and we're ready to start getting things settled!

We are really enjoying the town! We went to a football game last week and got to meet a lot of people. It is so weird for people to know who we are but we don't know them! A couple came up to us at Chili's today and introduced themselves. She said, "we know you are the new youth minister and wanted to introduce ourselves." I had told Mike that we needed to be on our best behavior because people will know who we are when we don't know they are looking. I thought I'd educate him on the small town aspect of things!

I hope everything is going GREAT in West Texas and elsewhere...Miss y'all!!


Feather Lynn said...

Congratulations on getting to move in. I am sure the loan will be approved quickly without any problems. I am so happy for you, but so sad that you aren't here. I will definitely be planning a trip to come visit and can't wait to see Mike in action as a youth minister!!! Keep me posted and I can't wait to see some pics of the new house!

Tamisha said...

Girl, keep it up! I'm so proud of y'all. :-) How is work going then? That means you started yesterday, right?!