Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I heart my sister!

I really do...some people may wonder at times since we do "fight" more than we should but it is the way we operate. Although I'm sure my mom is tired of it after 25 years! Christy and I have always had a unique and special relationship. We truly are each other's best friends. She is the first person I want to call to share news, good or bad, with (other than Mike of course)!

With all the talk of moving, I have to begin to prepare leave her again...and it KILLS me!! We have this thing where I ALWAYS try to talk her into moving where we move. I hate not having her around know I'm going to miss out on things in her life by not being here. She and I always had each other growing up. We lived together until Mike and I got married...we never lived apart. WOW! That sure changed! But, she has always been great about coming to visit...I pray that never changes.

I love how I can call Christy and use 2 words from a song and she can give me the title and artist! I love that she understands me when I'm laughing so hard, I can barely breathe and yet still try to talk! (When I was little and had a cute but bad speech impediment, Christy used to translate for my parents!) I love that I can call and tell her a movie is coming out and she gets just as excited as I do! I love that we have the same taste in music!! I just love her!!


Molly Kate said...

this is such a sweet post! I love my sister like that's like that person in your life who totally understands you! My sister lives in Dallas and I always tell her that no one gets me like you! (haha except Jeremy of course :) When are you moving?! Don't go! We love having you here!

Christy K said...

aw sister....i got teary eyed! and we don't fight that often lmao. i am going to miss you as well also and i'm glad my knowledge of music comes in handy lol. i love you!!