Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More News!!

Mike received a call on Monday from the pastor in Beeville, Texas. We will be going down August 23 for Mike to lead a back-to-school gathering for the youth that he is also planning!! He will also lead the short introduction for the youth Sunday school. This will allow the committee to view Mike’s teaching/speaking. If they do not have any other reservations at that time, he will go down one more time in view of a call. The committee is supposed to meet between August 24 and September 1 to decide if they will bring him back in view of a call.

We are so excited about this direction. When we visited Beeville, we got such a sense of belonging. With a few of the ladies, I felt I'd known them forever. They really reminded me of the support group of adults that I had as a high school student. The committee has some great things in mind for the youth group and the future youth pastor and we are excited about the possbility of joining them. What they want for their youth group is what we have always felt a youth group should be.

We will have a CRAZY week and a half the end of August. If you haven't read the previous posting, Mike is having surgery August 28 in Dallas. That is the week directly following our trip to Beeville. We are still working on all the logistics for that! Please keep us in your prayers through all the transition and medical issues.

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