Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Just a few pictures to add...I really don't have much to say other than I had a GREAT birthday despite being so far away from "home". Mike made sure that it was a special time!! This pic is from our night out on the town for my birthday!

Linda made me a Pina Coloda cake minus the coconut on top for my birthday! I am still snacking on that cake! and the best part is, it only gets better with age!! lol...the cake's age that is, not mine!

Everyone keeps wanting to see pictures of our new friends...Tracey, Cory, and Kenneth (l-r). Tracey and Cory are also NOBTS students displaced to Atlanta and Kenneth is from the church that is helping us out...he also happens to be Linda's second cousin. They are Floyds and there are Floyds everywhere down here! lol...he's related to probably over half the church! They are all great and it's so nice to have friends here!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Mike says he knows how to make drinking out of a straw look MANLY...well, this is it! It sure looks manly, huh??

Anyway, those are all the pictures I have for now but I will be taking the camera tomorrow for the 2nd Chick-fil-a nugget eating contest between Mike and Cory tomorrow night. The first one was a forced tie due to time restraints but we are giving them more time tomorrow! Chick-fil-a may reconsider their All You Can Eat Nuggets after tomorrow! Good night all!!


Kate said...

You guys look FANTASTICALLY fabulous! I'm happy to see you both having so much fun! Mike...whether you're washing dishes or drinking through a straw, you'll appear VERY MAHNLY. I miss you guys. God's blessings & mounds of joy N fun! MMMWA!

~Miss Kate

Kristen said...

Hey Cymbre!

When was your birthday? Mine was on Monday the 17th! I am so glad that you all are doing well. We really miss you guys at CBS and we are always praying for you! I hope to hear from you again soon!


Brian Armstrong said...

you guys are so cool well cymbre is i dunno about you nah im just kidding mike is alot cooler ok ya'll both are cool to me well nothin really goin on ere just wanted to say hey and congratulaions on the job